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UnovaRPG Channel Rules (English)

These are the Rules for #UnovaRPG and all related Sub-Channels.
1. No Spamming: Repeating yourself 3 times OR sending more than 4 messages in 3 seconds is considered Spamming.
2. No Swearing: Keep the chat PG-13. Swearing will NOT be tolerated.
3. No Using Excessive Caps: Using excessive amounts of Capital Letters in messages is NOT allowed.
4. NO SCAMMING: Scamming other users will NOT be tolerated and can lead to a PERMANENT BAN. Keep ALL Trades in public and do NOT trade in PMs!
5. Language: #UnovaRPG is an English channel. #UnovaRPG-ES is a Spanish channel. #UnovaRPG-RP and #UnovaRPG-Trade are multi-lingual and any language can be used there.
6. Roleplaying: Role-Playing goes in #UnovaRPG-RP, NOT in any of the other channels.
7. Common Sense Rule: Use Common Sense! Attempting to find loopholes in the rules won't work. Doing so in bad faith can get you banned.
8. Listen to Staff: If a staff member tells you to do something, DO IT. Don't argue. (Unless they're telling you to do something not related to the Chat Room). If you have complaints about the behavior of a Staff Member, contact Magiobiwan or one of the other Owners.

If you get banned by the Channel Bot (UnovaBot or UnovaEspanol), don't panic! The first time you're banned is only Temporary, for 2 hours. If you do it again, however, your ban length may be increased. If a Staff Member bans you, they'll set an expiration date for the ban. You can ask the Staff Member via PM after they ban you how long it's for. They should tell you. If you would like to appeal your ban, contact Magiobiwan at [email protected] via e-mail and RESPECTFULLY explain the issue at hand. Please include the nickname you last used, and how long ago the ban was made. He will respond to you when he has time.
Usually you'll get a warning/kick before you're banned, HOWEVER staff may choose to skip that level if your behavior warrants it.

Current Staff Members are:
- Magiobiwan - Owner
- DB/DragonBlaze - Owner
- Lucario - Owner
- Guitar_Man - Owner
- Shun - Admin
- Drake - Admin
- Sodium - Admin
- Alchemist - Admin
- CupCake - Admin
- Pain - Operator
- J - Operator
- Giio - Operator
- Apisthebest - Half-Op
- Claire - Half-Op

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